Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas

Master of Counselling Specialising in Children and Adolescents, Bachelor of Ministry, Certificate in Human Resources, PACFA member

With a Master of Counselling specialising in Children and Adolescents, Michelle works with clients of all ages and from all walks of life to navigate positive changes in their lives. Michelle will take the time to journey alongside each client to create a supportive environment, develop and build trust, mutual respect and understanding. Michelle views each client journey as unique and her approach is to create together in partnership with the client individualised interventions that best supports and suits their needs and situation.

To specialise in children and adolescents, Michelle completed additional elective subjects and dedicated a full year of her studies to this focus. Michelle has gained valuable practical experience working as a school counsellor with children from kindergarten through to year 12 which she now utilises with her clients.

Experienced working with adults of all ages, Michelle brings a fresh and unique approach by utilising together both creative and traditional therapies and interventions. This approach has been successful in bringing about positive change in the lives of her clients.

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Macquarie Park


Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. By Appointment.


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